How to Apply

Application Process

Applicant companies should complete and submit the Made In Sheffield Mark Application Form from this website online.

All applications are assessed by the Made In Sheffield Mark Committee, which meets once a month. The committee endeavours to respond to applicants within 7 days of the meeting.

Successful applicants will be issued with an invoice from Sheffield City Council, who handle finance for the initiative, providing detailed instructions on how to pay the £200 fee allowing use of the Mark for 2 years.

Following payment, companies can download approved versions of the of the Mark from a password protected page on the Made In Sheffield website.

All income received through the Made In Sheffield Mark website is retained in a dedicated bank account, under the supervision of Creative Sheffield and for the sole use of promoting use of the Made In Sheffield Mark.

What it means 

Permission to use the Made In Sheffield Mark is granted to companies on the basis of the following criteria:

The company must be located in the 'S' (Sheffield) postcode area (broadly consistent with the historical county of Hallamshire) and consistent with the Sheffield City Region.

The company must be legitimately * entitled to use the mark of origin 'Made In Sheffield' on some or all of its products

The company must be able to demonstrate a commitment to producing high-quality products

The Company has paid for a valid 2 year licence within 2 years

* It is the responsibility of the company to represent to the Made In Sheffield Mark Committee why it can legitimately use 'Made In Sheffield' on its products.

Companies are referred in particular to Section 36 of the Trading Descriptions Act 1968t, which states that 'goods are deemed to have been manufactured or produced in the country [or city] in which they last underwent a treatment or process resulting in a substantial change'. The Act does not define "substantial change" although one Order has been made under this section which explicitly states that the process of silver-plating stainless-steel cutlery does not constitute a "substantial change". Generally therefore placing a finished product into a container or outer box or carrying out a simple finishing process, such as painting, on a product would not be considered to be substantially changing the nature of the product. On the other hand, creating a garment from cloth, albeit imported, would be likely to be considered to result in such a change.

Use of the mark

Use of the mark of origin 'Made In Sheffield'

Use of the Made In Sheffield Mark on generic marketing materials is encouraged, but efforts should be made not to misrepresent the origin of specific products.

If in doubt, please consult your local trading standards department, or seek legal advice. Sheffield City Council Trading Standards can be contacted at:

Sheffield Trading Standards
2-10 Carbrook Hall Road
S9 2DB

Tel: 0114 2736290
Fax: 0114 2736248

Apply Online

Please complete all sections of the form opposite. If details for a specific field are not available, simply enter 'n/a'.

Terms and Conditions
All applications to use the Made In Sheffield Mark will be treated with strict confidentiality. Granting permission to use the Made In Sheffield Mark is the sole prerogative of the Made In Sheffield Mark Committee. In cases where companies cease to conform to the above criteria, the Made In Sheffield Mark Committee reserves the right to withdraw permission to use the Mark, with a notice period of 60 days. The design of the Made In Sheffield Mark is registered with the UK Patent Office (British Design Application No. 3021457)

For further information or assistance contact us at:

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Please provide a brief description of the company’s commitment to quality. This may include a summary of the company’s quality system, or any relevant quality accreditations.

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